Love2Pet No Dirty Ear Wash Natural 8 oz Ear Wash - For All Pets

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Love2Pet "No Dirty Ears" ear wash is formulated by a leading holistic veterinarian and made right here in the USA.

Did you know that ear infections are the #1 reason for veterinarian visits according to a recent research study? Love2Pet® "No Dirty Ears" ear wash can help! Our unique formula uses organic oils as moisturizers to help clean and maintain healthy ears. This all natural ear wash is safe and gentle enough to use twice a day to help heal infections, or weekly to help maintain healthy ears. "No Dirty Ears" ear wash leaves ears fresh with a pleasant minty scent. Our formula is safe for both the environment and your pet. Competitively priced in a full size 8 oz bottle that will last for months!

Ingredients: Spring water, organic peppermint oil, organic spearmint oil, organic lemon, eucalyptus oil, organic tea tree oil, organic rosemary oil, saponified organic coconut oil, olive and jojoba oils. 

Contains NO alcohol, sulfates, chemicals, artificial preservatives, artificial colors, or artificial fragrances!