Large Love2Pet 2 in 1 Multi-Purpose Grooming Tool with 2 inch De-shedder Blade

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Expected release date is Feb 28th 2018

Introducing our new colors. Improved de-shedder and rake for dogs and cats.

Comes with storage bag

Proven, century old patented comb significantly reduces shedding in dogs and cats. Tool head rotates 90 degrees for easy use of either brush. Keep your pet's coat shiny and healthy by removing loose hairs and other foreign matter.

Our century old patented blade will more effectively remove loose hairs and other foreign matter from your pet's coat. Great for long or short hair pets.

For optimum efficiency, first rake (large teeth) over pet's coat to loosen and remove under coat. Second, flip over to use unique design blade to more thoroughly remove additional undercoat. Third, after de-shedding, flip back and rake pet's coat again to remove excess fur.

Easier to use de-shedder, only holds a small amount of hair while brushing. The majority will fall to the ground so you don't have to empty it every swipe. We recommend brushing outside when possible. Do not leave outside after use. 

Lifetime, limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.